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VerifyPhone.com is one-stop site for area code lookup, phone number lookup, and free phone number reviews. VerifyPhone.com presents a variety of people lookup and telephone lookup services provided to enable anyone to find a specific person of interest.

Phone Number Lookup

Lookup any telephone number to identify whether it is an individual phone number or any business phone number, and also find other details such as person the phone number is registered to, street address, area code location, map and more.

Cell Phone Lookup

Verify someone's cell phone numbers using cell phone lookup. Cell phone lookups include carrier, line type, map, issuing location, and more.

Phone Lookup by Name

Trying to get hold of a friend you recently met at a party. Search by the person's name to find their phone number and get connected with them instantly.

Local Business Listings

Find out more about local businesses, their address and telephone information using our area code lookup services. These area code lookup can help you locate a business anywhere in the USA and includes cell phone lookup or business mobile and cellular phone locator services.

People and Address Finder

Find people instantly. Use the reverse phone number lookup (landline or cell phone) to know the details of the individual such as name, number of phones he/she has, phone carrier, address and more.

Reverse Phone Search

Receiving calls from numbers you do not recognize? Ensure your personal safety using reverse phone lookup search to find more about these unwanted calls. Our reverse phone search will find current information for any residential or business phone number and includes owner's name, their current address, and more related information.

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