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Reverse Lookup Detail for Area Code 250 2xx

Area code 250 covers part of British Columbiastate, covering most of counties. It was started on Jan 01, 2000. This region follows US/Pacific + Daylight Savings timezone. Other popular area codes that belong to British Columbia state include 236, 604, 778.

Verified changes in Area Code 250 2XX

Date ChangedChange Details
Feb 07, 2014Area code 604 subscribers are now overlayed with area code 250. Subscriber area code 250-259 is operational from Feb 07, 2014.
Aug 31, 2013Area code 604 subscribers are now overlayed with area code 250. Subscriber area code 250-223 is operational from Aug 31, 2013.
Aug 31, 2013Area code 604 subscribers are now overlayed with area code 250. Subscriber area code 250-297 is operational from Aug 31, 2013.
Aug 31, 2013Area code 604 subscribers are now overlayed with area code 250. Subscriber area code 250-227 is operational from Aug 31, 2013.
Aug 31, 2013Area code 604 subscribers are now overlayed with area code 250. Subscriber area code 250-285 is operational from Aug 31, 2013.
Aug 31, 2013Area code 604 subscribers are now overlayed with area code 250. Subscriber area code 250-225 is operational from Aug 31, 2013.

Area Code 250-200 - Area Code 250-299 (Covers 250 2xx xxxx phone numbers)

Area CodeCityCountyPopulationNetwork Operator
250-200Revelstoke605,202Rogers Communications Partnership
250-201Campbell River904,203TELE-MOBILE COMPANY dba TELUS Mobility
250-202Campbell River57,204Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-203Campbell River905,205Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-204Campbell River783,206Rogers Communications Partnership
250-205Campbell River226,207Rogers Communications Partnership
250-206Port Alberni183,208TELE-MOBILE COMPANY dba TELUS Mobility
250-207Courtenay303,209TELE-MOBILE COMPANY dba TELUS Mobility
250-208Victoria466,210Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-209Port Alice160,211Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-210Nanaimo443,212Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-211339,213Community Support And Referral Services
250-212Kelowna883,214Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-213Victoria5,215Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-214Kamloops218,216TELE-MOBILE COMPANY dba TELUS Mobility
250-215Kelowna376,217Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-216Victoria619,218Rogers Communications Partnership
250-217Victoria144,219Rogers Communications Partnership
250-218Courtenay205,220Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-219Dawson Creek732,221Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-220Victoria135,222Bell West Inc - ON
250-221Victoria935,223Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-222Victoria577,224Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-223Crawford Bay771,225Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-224Fort St John668,226TELE-MOBILE COMPANY dba TELUS Mobility
250-225Crawford Bay246,227Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-226Vallican694,228Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-227Crawford Bay603,229Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-228Nanaimo614,230Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-229Balfour33,231Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-230Port Hardy256,232Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-231Trail467,233Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-232Toad River803,234Northwestel Inc
250-233Fort Nelson965,235Northwestel Inc
250-234Iskut125,236Northwestel Inc
250-235Telegraph Creek467,237Northwestel Inc
250-237Bob Quinn Lake935,239Northwestel Inc
250-238Gold Bridge537,240Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-239Good Hope Lake926,241Northwestel Inc
250-240Nanaimo923,242Rogers Communications Partnership
250-241Vernon681,243TELE-MOBILE COMPANY dba TELUS Mobility
250-242Tumbler Ridge341,244Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-243Beaver Valley692,245Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-244Nanaimo800,246Bell West Inc - ON
250-245Ladysmith393,247Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-246Chemainus846,248Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-247Gabriola Island986,249Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-248Parksville922,250Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-249Bouchie Lake68,251Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-251Burns Lake299,253Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-252Duncan837,254TELE-MOBILE COMPANY dba TELUS Mobility
250-253Salmon Arm596,255Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-254Creston890,256Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-255Quesnel839,257Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-256Lillooet766,258Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-257Tumbler Ridge907,259Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-258Kelowna891,260TELE-MOBILE COMPANY dba TELUS Mobility
250-259Seton Portage938,261Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-260Vernon416,262Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-261Fort St John473,263Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-262Fort St John633,264Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-263Fort St John415,265Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-264Fort St John413,266Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-265Nakusp640,267Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-266Port Alberni879,268Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-267Williams Lake799,269Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-268Nanaimo501,270TELE-MOBILE COMPANY dba TELUS Mobility
250-269Fauquier592,271Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-270Invermere611,272Rogers Communications Partnership
250-271Fort St John760,273Rogers Communications Partnership
250-272Golden670,274Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-273Princeton935,275Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-274Penticton749,276TELE-MOBILE COMPANY dba TELUS Mobility
250-275Vernon519,277Bell West Inc - ON
250-276Penticton608,278Bell West Inc - ON
250-277Prince George962,279Bell West Inc - ON
250-278Fernie300,280Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-279Kitimat696,281Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-280Merritt499,282Telus Mobility Cellular Inc
250-281Woss Lake812,283Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-282Sayward144,284Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-283Gold River456,285Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-284Port Alice508,286Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-285Quadra Island859,287Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-286Campbell River739,288Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-287Campbell River773,289Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-288Port Hardy676,290Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-289Ocean Falls709,291Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-290Golden38,292Rogers Communications Partnership
250-291Lillooet817,293Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-292Hedley238,294Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-293Princeton888,295Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-294Victoria712,296Bell West Inc - ON
250-295Princeton758,297Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-296150 Mile House727,298Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-297Mcleese Lake763,299Telus Communications Inc - BC
250-298Victoria471,300Bell West Inc - ON
250-299Kamloops985,301Bell Cellular Inc

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