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Reverse Lookup Detail for Area Code 441 2xx

Area code 441 covers part of Bermudastate, covering most of counties. It was started on Jan 01, 2000. This region follows America/Santiago + Daylight Savings timezone. Other popular area codes that belong to Bermuda state include .

Verified changes in Area Code 441 2XX

Date ChangedChange Details
Nov 28, 2013Area code 441-222 subscribers are operational from Nov 28, 2013.
Sep 30, 2005Area code 441-241 subscribers are operational from Sep 30, 2005.
Sep 30, 2005Area code 441-271 subscribers are operational from Sep 30, 2005.
Sep 30, 2005Area code 441-245 subscribers are operational from Sep 30, 2005.
Sep 30, 2005Area code 441-243 subscribers are operational from Sep 30, 2005.
Sep 30, 2005Area code 441-242 subscribers are operational from Sep 30, 2005.

Area Code 441-222 - Area Code 441-299 (Covers 441 2xx xxxx phone numbers)

Area CodeCityCountyPopulationNetwork Operator
441-222Bermuda449,224Bermuda Cablevision Limited - BM
441-231Bermuda976,233Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-232Bermuda145,234Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-233Bermuda305,235Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-234Bermuda294,236Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-235Bermuda275,237Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-236Bermuda995,238Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-237Bermuda149,239Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-238Bermuda431,240Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-239Bermuda313,241Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-241Bermuda715,243Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-242Bermuda449,244Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-243Bermuda435,245Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-244Bermuda891,246Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-245Bermuda893,247Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-246Bermuda14,248Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-247Bermuda500,249Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-248Bermuda461,250Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-249Bermuda574,251Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-261Bermuda619,263Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-271Bermuda813,273Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-272Bermuda109,274Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-273Bermuda648,275Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-274Bermuda547,276Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-275Bermuda623,277Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-276Bermuda906,278Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-277Bermuda611,279Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-278Bermuda139,280Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-279Bermuda49,281Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-290Bermuda555,292Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-291Bermuda190,293Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-292Bermuda207,294Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-293Bermuda729,295Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-294Bermuda573,296Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-295Bermuda600,297Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-296Bermuda598,298Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-297Bermuda749,299Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-298Bermuda753,300Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)
441-299Bermuda703,301Bermuda Telephone Company (BM)

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