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Reverse Lookup Detail for Area Code 684 2xx

Area code 684 covers part of American Samoastate, covering most of Eastern District counties. It was started on Oct 02, 2004. This region follows US/Samoa timezone. Other popular area codes that belong to American Samoa state include .

Verified changes in Area Code 684 2XX

Date ChangedChange Details
May 11, 2013Area code 684-248 was introduced on Jun 02, 2011 and subscribers are operational from May 11, 2013.
Jan 07, 2010Area code 684-256 was introduced on Aug 06, 2009 and subscribers are operational from Jan 07, 2010.
Apr 14, 2007Area code 684-254 was introduced on Feb 16, 2007 and subscribers are operational from Apr 14, 2007.
Oct 16, 2004Area code 684-252 subscribers are operational from Oct 16, 2004.
Oct 02, 2004Area code 684-211 subscribers are operational from Oct 02, 2004.
Oct 02, 2004Area code 684-258 subscribers are operational from Oct 02, 2004.

Area Code 684-211 - Area Code 684-258 (Covers 684 2xx xxxx phone numbers)

Area CodeCityCountyPopulationNetwork Operator
684-211752,213Community Support And Referral Services
684-248Ili'ilEastern District-1AST Telecom LLC - AS
684-252Ili'ilEastern District-1American Samoa License Inc
684-254Ili'ilEastern District-1American Samoa License Inc
684-255682,257Standard Plant Test Code
684-256Ili'ilEastern District-1American Samoa License Inc
684-258Ili'ilEastern District-1American Samoa License Inc

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Verified phone numbers in Area Code 684

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684 2561

Map for area code 684 2xx  

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