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757-204 Area Code - Norfolk, VA

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Location Norfolk, VA, US
Geo-Coordinates Latitude: 36.64 | Longitude: -76.21
Timezone US/Eastern + Daylight Savings
Service Provider Bandwidth.com CLEC LLC - VA,
4001 Weston Pkwy,
Cary, NC,
US - 27513-2311
Provider Type Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
Area Codes
Area Code Started On December 04, 2010
Zipcodes Covered 23322, 23320, 23323, 23325
Phone Type Landline/POTS/Broadband
Plain Old Telephone Service
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Phone Number Lookup Reviews for 757-204-6209

  • Ric S. (bobthecowboy@hotmail.com) commented on 757-204-6209
    *edit* i called back. it is nothing more than a debt collection agency with empty threats of legal civil judgements against you. I have never had the credit card they said i have. I tried telling them it wasn't my debt and they kept saying i needed to pay it or else they would pass it on to a paralegal as a refusal to pay. the proper step is to dispute it with the three major credit agencies....their proper step is to pay it and then handle it from there.
    Above review was created at 2011-06-13T21:17 for 7572046209
  • Ric S. (bobthecowboy@hotmail.com) commented on 757-204-6209
    A "Ms. Jones from the law offices of (first name I can't recall) last name "Sanders" called my house telling me I needed to call back to give an official statement. i called back speaking calmly and normally and the guy who took my call asked me several times to increase my speech volume which I complied the first two times. Then it became odd he was asking again. The line seemed fine like I was calling the next house over. i could hear him fine and I'm a 100 percent sure he heard me fine because I asked who it was the company he worked for and he responded fine. I then declined to raise my speech volume any further because I would be at the level of shouting and he then responded he couldn't help me and hung up. Tried calling back but the phone just rang and rang. While the first time I called therre wasn't even one ring before it went to their system. I believe this is some sort of phishing scheme to get information. Do not trust this phone number or give any personal details out to them.
    Above review was created at 2011-06-13T20:58 for 7572046209

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NamePrefixDistance from NorfolkCensus PopulationNetwork Provider
Chesapeake, VA757-4321.1 mi222,209Verizon South Inc - VA (Contel)
Portsmouth, VA757-2145.76 mi222,209TelCove of Virginia LLC - VA
Rocky Mount, NC252-3028.45 mi23,547Bandwidth.com CLEC LLC - NC
Coinjock, NC252-4358.45 mi23,547Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless - NC
Elizabeth City, NC252-2328.45 mi23,547MCC Telephony of the South LLC - NC