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Reverse Lookup Detail for Area Code 989 8xx

Area code 989 covers part of Michiganstate, covering most of Gratiot, Bay, Saginaw, Tuscola, Arenac counties. It was started on Jun 30, 2001. This region follows (UTC-05:00) timezone. Other popular area codes that belong to Michigan state include 231, 248, 269, 313, 517, 586, 616, 734, 810, 906, 947.

Area Code 989-801 - Area Code 989-896 (Covers 989 8xx xxxx phone numbers)

Area CodeCityCountyPopulationNetwork Operator
989-801BreckenridgeGratiot42 803
989-802ClareClare31 804
989-803Bad AxeHuron36 805
989-804ShepherdIsabella63 806
989-805MidlandMidland83 807
989-806StantonMontcalm61 808
989-807VestaburgMontcalm61 809
989-808RoscommonRoscommon25 810
989-813HubbardstonIonia62 815
989-814Six LakesMontcalm61 816
989-816ElsieClinton65 818
989-817Mount PleasantIsabella63 819
989-818LakeviewMontcalm61 820
989-819RoscommonRoscommon25 821
989-820East TawasIosco27 822
989-821RoscommonRoscommon25 823
989-822BarrytonMecosta41 824
989-823VassarTuscola58 825
989-824Bay CityBay110 826
989-825AlgerArenac17 827
989-826MioOscoda9 828
989-827KingstonTuscola58 829
989-828ShepherdIsabella63 830
989-829OwossoShiawassee72 831
989-830SaginawSaginaw210 832
989-831StantonMontcalm61 833
989-832MidlandMidland83 834
989-833RiverdaleGratiot42 835
989-834OvidClinton65 836
989-835MidlandMidland83 837
989-836AlgerArenac17 838
989-837MidlandMidland83 839
989-838PerrintonGratiot42 840
989-839MidlandMidland83 841
989-840MioOscoda9 842
989-842BreckenridgeGratiot42 844
989-843MayvilleTuscola58 845
989-844BreckenridgeGratiot42 846
989-845ChesaningSaginaw210 847
989-846StandishArenac17 848
989-847AshleyGratiot42 849
989-848FairviewOscoda9 850
989-849GainesGenesee436 851
989-853MuirIonia62 855
989-854Mount PleasantIsabella63 856
989-855MuirIonia62 857
989-856CasevilleHuron36 858
989-857RemusMecosta41 859
989-858GaylordOtsego23 860
989-859MidlandMidland83 861
989-860SaginawSaginaw210 862
989-861OscodaIosco27 863
989-862ElsieClinton65 864
989-863ReeseTuscola58 865
989-864Minden CitySanilac45 866
989-865Saint CharlesSaginaw210 867
989-866Mount PleasantIsabella63 868
989-867TwiningArenac17 869
989-868ReeseTuscola58 870
989-870SaginawSaginaw210 872
989-871MillingtonTuscola58 873
989-872Cass CityTuscola58 874
989-873PrescottOgemaw22 875
989-874KindeHuron36 876
989-875IthacaGratiot42 877
989-876Au GresArenac17 878
989-877IthacaGratiot42 879
989-878FreelandSaginaw210 880
989-879PinconningBay110 881
989-883SebewaingHuron36 885
989-884AlpenaAlpena31 886
989-885ClareClare31 887
989-889GraylingCrawford14 891
989-890SaginawSaginaw210 892
989-891Bay CityBay110 893
989-892Bay CityBay110 894
989-893Bay CityBay110 895
989-894Bay CityBay110 896
989-895Bay CityBay110 897
989-896West BranchOgemaw22 898


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